All of us love a superhero, complete with a cape and the capacity to fly! We all want superheroes in our lives or superhero powers of our own.  I would definitely enjoy flying but if I had to be more realistic, I wouldn’t be opposed to hearing conversation on the next continent. (How’s that for realistic?)  Monday night I was oh-ver-ly excited to watch the first episode in the new Supergirl series on CBS.  But then, I guess most little girls were.

Early in the episode, Kara aka Supergirl was discussing the demise of the newspaper with her boss.  Kara was deeply concerned about her friends and colleagues at the paper being laid off.  Her boss met this concern with a flippant reply, “Go find me a hero,”  basically indicating that there was NO ONE to save the day.  And the entire time I’m sitting on my couch saying, “She is the hero!”  

The Supergirl icon is a registered Trademark of DC Comics.

The Supergirl icon is a registered Trademark of DC Comics.

This whole scene made me wonder how many times I’ve been looking for someone to take action, when all along I was the one who needed to act.  Supergirl brings something unique and valuable to her community but she had been repeatedly told not to step out there; not to use her talents; not to expose herself.  “It’s just not safe,” her sister told her. How often have you believed the lie that you can’t be who you are made to be?  

Today is a good day to reverse that thinking.  Who are you made to be?  Examine what you bring to the table.  Understand your own mix of abilities.  Notice where your efforts bring results.  Then begin to construct your life so that you are doing more of what you're made for.  
Saving people, that's what Superheroes are born to do. After her first attempt at saving people Kara tells her colleague, “Most of my life I’ve run from it, but last night I embraced it.”  What were you born to do?  What is holding you back?  How would your community benefit if you just embraced it?

The biggest risk is never taking any!” ~Superman