One by one the women walked to the jar released their stone and picked up a feather. The stone was weighing them down. It was time to let go of the heaviness. Prying their fingers off the fear, hurt, resentment, anxiety was harder than expected. And then what? Moving without the stone was so awkward, so unnatural. What now? What would take it’s place? What would they pick up? They reached for a feather — something light, something that helped them fly — courage, faith, peace, forgiveness.

My stone said, “Playing it safe.” It was time for me to let go of always being reserved, careful, calculated, flying just under the radar — release the need to constantly protect. The result of carrying that stone was a pacifying, repressing of my soul. What if my soul didn’t need to be tamed or placated? What if there was more? This stone was birthed from a place of fear — fear of loss, fear of taking on too much, fear of being overwhelmed, fear of losing control, fear of complete and utter failure. No decision made from fear brings confidence, contentment, ease, or bravery.


If I surrender playing it safe, what will I pick up? What will help me fly, even soar? What propels me into living big?

Take a Leap.

I picked up the white feather with the gold tip and declared TAKE A LEAP. And. So. I. Will.

What stone is in your pocket? What do you need to let go of? How is it weighing you down? What will you pick up? What will help you fly, even soar?

Release the stone. Pick up a feather.