Group Coaching Offer

Group Coaching allows for double the coaching at half the cost!  Each participant connects via the internet to a video chat room.  Partnering up with a coach and five to eight individuals with the desire to move forward provides you with new insight, brainstorming opportunities and great accountability.

This Package Includes

  • 8 sessions, meeting twice a month for four months
  • Meets JULY through OCTOBER
  • Private Facebook Support Group

Cost: $407, can be broken into two payments


  • Discover Solutions that Dramatically increase your Results
  • Receive the Collective Wisdom of the group
  • Progress in your Personal and Professional Life
  • Participate in a Shared Endeavor
  • Experience a Nonjudgmental Environment
  • Increase Leadership Skills


  • Experiencing a Transition of any Kind
  • Aspire for More
  • Desire to Contribute, as well as Receive
  • Willing to Move out of your Comfort Zone
  • Ready to let Passion Overcome Fear

If you meet the above requirements and are interested in joining the group that starts in July, please fill in the form below with a message about what you are looking for in a coaching experience.  Michele will contact you to discuss the possibilities of participating in this group.

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