While walking the dog this morning on our usual one mile route through the neighborhood, we encountered a BIG dog.  His owner struggled to hold him back.  Several minutes after we passed them, I heard the owner holler “Watch out!”  Without turning around I knew that the dog, now loose, was coming for us.  Confident there was nothing I could do but step away, I dropped my dog’s leash.  Thankfully it all ended well and we returned in one piece.  But it reminded me of a poster I used to have with a bunch of cute, little dogs on an old porch with the caption, “If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.”  That was my favorite saying when I was too young to understand the implication.  

How many times do you stay on the porch because you just can’t run with the big dogs?  What are the big dogs in your life?  Fear? Doubt? Guilt? What keeps holding you back?  What if, you could design your own life and not just let life happen to you?  Would you want that?  I want to challenge you to get off the porch today!  Whatever it takes, commit to designing your life (not having it designed for you by the BIG DOGS).

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Go ahead . . . get off the porch!