Pain is essential.

Ask any athlete and he’ll tell you, “No pain, no gain.”  Pain is part of the process of reaching new limits.  Pain exposes who we really are and drives us to get beyond ourselves.  When you think of professional athletes pushing through the pain, you realize pain:

  • Produces Strength

  • Builds Stamina

  • Increases Capacity

  • Enlarges Courage

What about the pain you’re in?  The pain of building a business, creating a community, shaping art or investing in a relationship, can it bring the same benefits?  If you know it’s going to be hard, you can make a plan to push through the pain.  

I have suffered with cluster headaches, also known as suicide headaches, for a number of years.  If you know nothing about cluster headaches, give thanks!   (Yes, I’m actively looking for answers and have tried many different things over the last few years, some were even successful for a season.)  In the beginning, these headaches would put me to bed for seven straight days in agony.  Now, I have a plan that pushes me through the pain.  It involves nasal strips, ice packs, cayenne pepper, deep breathing exercises, essential oils, oxygen and a mantra that I repeat to myself, “It won’t last forever.”

Make a plan that works for you.  A plan that helps you push through the (non-physical) pain of getting more training or working on your own discipline or sacrificing today for a better tomorrow or plunging into a much needed conversation. 

Pain is only temporary, the benefits last forever.

I'd love to hear from you, what are some of the things you do to push through the pain?