Tuesday night while teaching a class, I challenged everyone to get outside of their comfort zone sometime in the next seven days.  What I had forgotten?  The very next day I would be on a challenge course with 24 other leaders.  This particular challenge course consists of a series of high elements designed to help you face your fears and get outside your comfort zone. Think telephone poles, belays, tight ropes, zip lines, etc.

Standing at the base of a 20 foot telephone pole, found me wishing I was not the kind of women who practices what she preaches.  Yes, yes I did climb up 20 feet, walk across a telephone pole placed at an incline and transfer to a tight wire (now higher than where I started, which was plenty high enough to get me in touch with the heavenlies), followed by a handful more hair-raising experiences.  All in the name of getting outside my comfort zone.  

You know what’s funny about that?  The next morning I took my dog for the same walk we’ve taken every day for over a year but this time, I ran.  Because I knew I could.  I attended a luncheon full of strangers and met everyone in the room because it didn’t take that much effort.  I felt a little giddy and sort of powerful because I knew I was. That’s what happens when you push the edge of your comfort zoneYou begin to recognize just how much you are capable of. You also have the realization that the only thing that is really holding you back is yourself.  

Go ahead!  Climb the pole, walk across the tight rope, fight the gravitational pull, push yourself to get off the ground, just a little higher.   The result will be more productivity, more adaptability, more growth, and more inspiration.  Why would you miss out on that?