What if there is enough?  How would that change your perspective, your attitude, your decisions, your actions?  The conversations you have today?

There is not enough for everyone.  Therefore, someone gets left out.  Either we’ve decided we’ve been left out of love, wealth, success, you fill in the blank.  Or we’ve decided we must get our slice of the pie before someone else does.  Media, grandparents, co-workers, friends reinforce this idea. We repeatedly hear messages like, “I can’t seem to get ahead. I guess I’m just destined to be behind.”  “I wish I could afford that.” There is not enough is simply a myth we accept. If we simply changed our language to, "I choose not to buy that right now" or "I have different priorities," the message of scarcity would disappear.  This scarcity mentality keeps us from finding the resources, time, attitude or whatever it is we think is so limited.  If we’re not looking for it, we will not find it.


I met an energetic, enthusiastic, humorous women named Carrie this morning.  Two of her friends are currently waiting on a heart transplant.  Her innovative idea to meet this need is to require people who are not using their hearts to the fullest degree, meaning choosing happiness and spreading it, to turn their hearts over to someone who will.  I know that’s absurd but it does cause you to think about ways you are limiting yourself.  

Much of our life is limited by the thought that there is not enough money to get something done; there is not enough time to learn something new; there are not enough resources to accomplish that huge task. There is not enough . . .  What if there is enough?  What if you believed there is enough? What would be your next step?

It’s November and we are less than 60 days from a new year.  Start 2018 believing you are enough and there is enough.  If you would like support in shifting your mindset, contact me at michele@lifebydesign.guru.