Last night, I watched Josh Groban’s A Home for the Holidays special.  Throughout the hour of music, families who’ve adopted children were featured.  As each family was introduced my heart swelled with their story of love.  Many of the children being adopted were close to aging out of the foster-care system.  One girl expressed how her time was running out and what it felt like to be chosen.  Her parents talked about how closed off she was when she first came to their home.  They worked hard at connecting with her and breaking through to her.  She sat in front of the interviewer and cried as she explained what it was like to be loved for the first time.  Her story, and the story of all the families, pushed me to think about what love is and challenged me to consider who I’m loving well.  


Love fights for you.

Love sees you.

Love wants you.

Love doesn’t force.

Love trusts.

Love looks for the best.

Love never looks back.

Love keeps going.  

Christmas embodies love. To find love, to become love is to find the source of love — the essence of Christmas — Christ.

Merry Christmas!