A gorgeous, confident women told her story with urgency today at lunch.  It started with a stressful childhood that gave way to a sick teenager which unfolded in 10 years of hospital stays, medication, surgeries to fix the joints that the medication (which was keeping her alive) was ruining.  All of this before the diagnosis and the surgery that could “fix” the problem.  As she spoke a common thread kept showing up.  When she didn’t feel good, she didn’t tell anyone.  When things weren’t quite right, she didn’t mention it.  It was understood that in most cases, there was no one to tell.  Or when she did speak up, no one genuinely listened or truly cared.  

In contrast, yesterday, I sat down with a group of women who had come together to encourage, empower, uplift and support each other.  There was a new women already half way through her life sitting at the table.  When she shared what she needed, we pulled from our experience, resources, knowledge, connections and started giving her ideas, thoughts, possibilities.  The table was full of women who cared and listened intently.  Their only focus was to bring something of value to her.   Their gain was simply to have given generously of themselves.  She walked away in shock.  She didn’t expect to get anything from that group of people — certainly not genuine care.  

In what ways are you caring well for the person next to you?