A friend was at a fundraiser with a lot of generous folks — people who were providing significant funds for an incredible cause.  When he left the fundraiser, he drove into the convenient store next door to fill his very fuel efficient car up with gas.  He glanced back at the parking lot full of the fundraiser’s cars — Lexus, Cadillacs, BMWs, and other luxury cars.  His immediate thought was: “What a waste?”  The rationalization was that they could give so much more, accomplish so much more if they drove a lesser car.  However, they had already given more than he did, already served more people than he had, already changed more lives than he could.  That’s when he recognized his judgement and began to say to himself, “And also for me.”  In other words, when he caught himself judging the accumulation of material things, he would simply acknowledge that he could have that too, if he wanted it.  This immediately moved him out of the judgmental mindset. 


I started wondering about using this same idea when I see people’s successes.  Instead of groaning about someone’s business success or advance in their physical workout or forward movement in their health or their fortune in good friends, what if I just said, “And also for me.”  Meaning, if I choose to put the work in, I can have that same kind of result.  It refocuses me.  It helps me turn from judgement (where I never meant to be) and take responsibility for my results (where I always thought I was). It’s a simple mindset shift but so impactful.  

Where could you apply this idea in your life?