Michelangelo, painter, sculptor and architect, is one of the greatest artist of all time.  His works are among the most famous in existence.  Michelangelo’s mother claimed to be a descendant of a Countess.  He lived his entire life believing he was connected to the most important family in Europe.  William Wallace, a Michelangelo scholar, says, “. . . when you believe it and everyone around you believes it, it informs your entire persona and that’s how people treat you.” According to Wallace, being of noble descent was fundamental to the way Michelangelo looked at life and art. This belief helped create in him a mindset of success. Much later, historians discovered he was not actually from nobility. What he thought of himself, pushed him to become something more.


What we believe about ourselves becomes the truth.  Jeff Goins, in his book Real Artists Don't Starve says, “We don’t fake it till we make it.  We believe it till we become it.”  Michelangelo thought, acted, and demanded to be treated like nobility.  As a handful of us were discussing this concept, a colleague of mine said she tells herself, “I am a CEO of a multi-million dollar business.”  This forces her to show up looking different, sounding different and acting different than a women who is in the middle of creating a business on the side.

Who do you believe you are?  It’s informing your entire persona and that’s how people will treat you.