This is such a rich story about how she was trained to hate.  Most of us don’t think we were trained to hate and we probably haven’t displayed our hate in the same way but our thinking might be just as faulty.


What would it look like for us to have conversation with people who don’t make sense to us and really attempt to understand, even when we don’t agree?  Letting go of harsh judgement for understanding is the only way to get where we want to go -- goodness, health, peace . . .

Megan's experience, "They approached me with pointed questions, tempered with kindness and humor.  They approached me as a human being and that was more transformative than two full decades of outrage, disdain and violence."

"The end of this spiral of rage and blame begins with one person who refuses to indulge these destructive, seductive impulses.  We have to decide it will start with us."