The ebb and flow of the ocean tide is mesmerizing. It comes and goes — swells and wanes.  We sit on the beach and relish in the sound of that constant change. When that kind of ebb and flow, swell and wane, takes place in our day to day life, we grab hold of whatever handle we can find and grasp it as tightly as possible. We refuse to let it wane or swell or whatever is the opposite of what we expected and thought we needed.


That big account never came through. Believing this was his golden ticket, he’s stuck, bewildered, rehearsing what he could have done differently. His worth lay on the unsigned contract.

He left. She’s on the couch soaked in tears believing she’s nothing. Her worth just walked out the door.  

He’s never before been dismissed. The shock continues to haunt him every day. His worth still sits at the desk.

She can’t get past the unbelievably, disrespectful behavior from three years ago. He continues to repent, reinvent, restore. Her worth is reflected in his mistake.

He lost his leg. His new form is foreign to him. He can’t see a way into his new normal. His worth is pinned to a fully functioning body.

"Let go." It sounds so simple, like letting go of the car door handle on a hot summer day. What if it’s not about letting go at all? Perhaps, we all need to grab hold — grab hold of our worth. Stop assigning it to things that it never belonged to in the first place. Our worth was never meant to ebb and flow. It comes from our very creation, not our achievements, our relationships, our physique, but from a place deep within us.

If you’re having trouble “letting go,” look at what you’ve attached your worth to.