Life is a series of changes. For those of us who are not fond of change, that sounds like bad news. The rest of the story, life is also a series of choices. Big life transitions can catch us off guard, even when we are anticipating them or excited about them.  Here is a check list to keep handy in the middle of your transition.  

  • Remember that life is a series of changes — this is just life.
  • Know that with every transition, there is both a gain and a loss.  
  • Allow time to grieve the loss.
  • Acknowledge the feelings around both the gain and the loss, even though those two sets of emotions feel like they are incongruent.
  • Write in a journal, honestly express the feelings you are experiencing.
  • Refuse to rush the awkward in between stage — between  what you are leaving and what lies ahead.  It’s an uncomfortable but necessary space.
  • Let go of the part of life that is being left behind, either by saying what needs to be said, taking time to reflect, or releasing your emotions in your journal or some other way.
  • Intentionally keep some constants in your life as things are changing.
  • Anticipate the new season with excitement, even make a list of the good things that are coming.  
  • Purposely reach out to new people in the new circumstances to develop community.

Navigating transition is a process, hold the process loosely and allow yourself to move in and out of the many phases of transition. There is no life without transition. Enjoy the journey.


Michele has a brief ebook that explores the phases of transition. You are welcome to download it for free here