The life we have is a reflection of the thoughts we think. Our life is always moving in the direction of our strongest thoughts. If we think we can’t, then we probably won’t. If we’re always looking at the problem, then it will likely overwhelm us. This is the beauty and the curse of our magnificent brains.

A few short years ago, thoughts like I can’t; It will always be like this; I don’t have what it takes; were holding me hostage in a place I didn’t want to be. I had allowed my thoughts to limit my actions. What came into my mind, actually came out in my life! Life is moving in the direction of our strongest thought. Are you excited about where your thoughts are taking you?

Pause for a moment right now. Identify the thought that has dominated your mind the last few days. What destination is it leading to — peace, worry, others, self, positivity, negativity, action, defeat? Is that where you want to end up? Be honest with yourself.

Our brains are redesigning themselves around our thoughts. When we think something over and over, a path (neuropathway) is created in our brain, much like the path in the back yard where the dog runs out the back door around to the back gate 42,789 times a day. The grass no longer grows on that path, the dirts becomes smooth and tight. When it rains, the path becomes a little canal for runoff water. The pathways in our brain work the same way. Thoughts begin to run easily along them — even though it wasn’t our intention to create that canal.


If our thoughts are not taking us where we want to go, it’s time to identify them and pay attention to the direction they are taking us. What direction do we really want to go — who do we want to be; how do we want to act; what do we want to feel. Write it down. This gives us clarity on the new direction. Find a true statement that gives us permission to be, act and feel the new way. Write that statement down and repeat it multiple times a day for an entire month. Watch what starts coming out of into your life, as a result of changing your thoughts.

If we are becoming our thoughts, than what exactly are you becoming?