You can’t find it on the map, but I know you’ve been there. It’s a place called STUCK. A place where you feel distant from others. In fact, their accolades, encouragement, humor and suggestions just sound like noise. The elevation here is higher than you expected and yet not quite high enough. You can’t easily get down but you don’t really want to go up either. Stuck is not a place you meant to arrive. Much like the Hotel California, you just can’t seem to get checked out of Stuck. In an effort to leave, you retrace your steps. Going out the way you came in is no longer an option. The struggle against this place is so intense you entertain the idea of just putting out a few throw pillows and making it home.


The most shocking thing about Stuck, it only exists in our minds. To move beyond Stuck, we have to adjust our thinking, our beliefs, and the verbiage that comes out of our mouths. If we want to leave Stuck, we’ll have to stop saying, “I can’t. . .” “I don’t know how. . .” “I’m not . . .” We also have to look for an alternative route. The one that brought us here won’t take us out. The tools, skills, strategies that brought us this far won’t take us any farther. We’ll have to chose a more painful track. The one that produces growth.

Growth is painful, change can be distasteful, discomfort is unpleasant but nothing is as agonizing as being stuck in a place we do not belong.

What temporary pain can you choose today that will bring long term pleasure in the future?