This week, I’m once again reading the story of the morning Jesus was no longer dead. Mary arrives early at the tomb only to discover that Jesus body is not there.
All Mary wants is for someone to give her back the dead body of Jesus. That’s what she came to the tomb looking for. Often what we see has been completely influenced by our expectations. She sees angels but believes someone has taken the corpse. She even sees Jesus but believes he’s the gardener. She expected death. She’s looking for death. If we’ve already pronounced death on a relationship, a job, an educational experience, a disability, we’ll miss the parts that are fully alive. When we’re looking for death, we won’t recognize Life.


The original story says that when Jesus called Mary’s name she turned to face him. In other words, she had her back to him. She was still focused on the tomb. She kept facing the place that housed death. When Mary heard the Cultivator of Life call her name, that’s the moment she was able to peel her eyes away from what was life-less. When Jesus calls our name, we experience ourselves through the eyes of the One who Created Life. It’s no longer necessary for us to mull over the dead spots because LIFE is now in the spotlight.

  • What are you focused on?

  • How do you hear your name being called?

  • What will it take for you to see Life?

What you see is a direct result of what you are expecting.