I have sons I love dearly — men I admire and enjoy. There are few people who share the same love as a mother. When you meet someone who loves your child with the same joy, admiration, and understanding it is stunning, even miraculous.

I was in awe. She was everything I’d prayed for and more. She drips with a love, gratitude, and admiration for my son that left me speechless (which is fairly flabbergasting). Slow down just a minute because that is only one part of the story. Her daughter loves him the same way — with enthusiasm, deep compassion, and genuine adoration. What a precious, unexpected bonus — the captivating love of two in one package.

I have sons. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a daughter. I did not anticipate how moving it would be to watch her love my son. I sit here weeping over how beautiful it is.


I treasure every skinned knee, sweet hug, long conversation, late night, early morning, new adventure, momentary set back, shift in plans, unexpected piece of the journey. But I didn’t know he was on his way to her.

Treasure the journey you are on — every dip, curve, straight-a-way, and the places in between. There are things you are on your way to that are indescribably beautiful. Those moments could be missed if we don’t cultivate, really practice, the art of enjoying every moment.