This is your pivot point. Go ahead. Step out. Step up. Lean toward the place of motion. Just like you did when you were on a see saw as a kid, push off the ground below you and start your ascent. It’s your pivot point.

Feel broken? Seeds break right before they sprout.

Feel disqualified? It’s not about qualification. It’s about empowering others.

Keep hearing NO? Keep showing up. The process is forming something more in us.


Even when we are broken, people are still following us. Take a look at any celebrity. See their brokenness — media likely splashes it everywhere. Notice people are still following them.

Even when we are disqualifying ourselves, other’s are finding us qualified. Thirty years ago, I was counseling in a small town. One client, we’ll call her Zelda, asked me if I knew a certain woman in town, we’ll call her Nabby. I did know Nabby because she was also a counseling client. Zelda proceeded to tell me that Nabby had it all together and she wanted to be just like her. The very next week, I kid you not, Nabby said the same thing about Zelda. Both sat in my office a complete wreck (not knowing about the other’s counseling appointment) believing they were disqualified from contributing to the bigger picture and yet, they saw her as completely qualified.

Even when you are feeling rejection and hearing, “No,” there is something more going on. We know F. Scott Fitzgerald as one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century. After the war ended and he was discharged from the military, he was turned down for a position at a newspaper. While his day job was at an advertising agency, he wrote 19 stories at night and received 122 rejection slips. He was not only honing his skill, but also, building his resilience.

What if this moment you are in right now is your pivot point? If it were, what would your next step be?