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When Death Brings Life

This week remembers, enacts, and participates in the hope of the renewal of all creation, including our own.  Betrayal, trial, execution, death, burial, watching at the grave, and the disturbing or even terrifying surprise of resurrection meet us throughout this week we call Holy Week.  Jesus' death was required in order to bring us life. This principle of a required death bringing life can be found every where.  

For creativity to live, rigidity has to die.

For beauty to live, disregard has to die.

For bravery to live, gutlessness has to die.

For gratitude to live, bitterness has to die.

For community to live, blame has to die.

For faith to live, skepticism has to die.

For hope to live, hopelessness has to die.

For love to live, complacency has to die.

What else do you want to live? What has to die to give way to it? Add your own refrain in the comments below.