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Let Go

I watched a women last week maneuver up a 25 foot pole, walk across an inclined pole at that height, move over a tight rope with side ropes to hang onto, shimmy across a pole with one line to grab hold of arriving at the zip line platform completely in tact — body, mind and emotions.  However, when it was time for her to step off the platform, let go of the rope and enjoy the ride down the zip line, she couldn’t let go.  Stepping off the platform was a completely different experience from hanging on for dear life.  Letting go is so unnatural.  

These hard places, these difficult seasons, these places of blood, sweat and tears are all worth it when the thing that is making it difficult resolves — when we have a victory, a big W that brings us to a wonderful conclusion.  But there are some hard places, difficult seasons, blood-sweat-tears that don’t end with a W in our column.  Sometimes the only resolve comes from letting go.  

Letting go seems so impossible when you’ve poured so much into it.  It leaves you standing in front of your community, business partners, family with nothing to show for all that you’ve invested.  It almost always seems like if you could just give a little more time, a little more effort, a little more money, things will start to work out.  

Relinquishing your right to hold onto something that is precious to you is the most painful thing you will ever do. 

Letting go of personal expectations and surrendering the ideal for reality requires a totally different kind of release.  Twenty-five feet up on a wire with a handle on a rope is painful, scary, difficult and seems so very hard, but twenty-five feet up and letting go of the rope is near impossible.  When you let go, you create space for something better -- better for you, better for them, better for the community. 

What is your cherished person, thing, desire, habit, position you need to let go of?

When you think about relinquishing, what do you find yourself doing?

What next step might you need to take in order to move closer to laying it down?