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Calibration Chiropractic - Mansfield, TX

Drs. Joseph and Jordan Adams are passionate about neuro-structural health and providing longstanding, proactive solutions while empowering individuals and families to take ownership of their health and well-being. They invest in the best advanced technology to provide the highest quality health assessment. From this, they precisely calibrated and customized care designed to achieve consistent results and facilitate transformative healing.




If physical health is one of your goals, Strong On Health is your team of wellness professionals.  They specialize in a total approach to health, including nutrition counseling grounded in clinically-researched, whole-food nutrition, wellness counseling, functional healthcare, transformational lifestyle coaching, educational lectures and professional consults. They focus on the whole person living in the real world, recognizing that each person’s health needs and goals are unique and require customized plans to achieve optimal results.  I highly recommend that you contact them for a free 30-minute consultation. 



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If you are looking for a counselor to assist you with your mental health goals, InnerRevolution is a great answer. Trauma is often at the root of the difficulties we experience creating symptoms such as depression and anxiety. If you have past trauma and are looking for healing, Jamie English, LCSW, specializes in past trauma, body image and eating disorders. Make her your next call.



FLOURISH:Your Design Story

Flourish is a movement of Christian women seeking significance, purpose, and connection who celebrates God’s beautiful, intricate, and intentional design for His cherished daughters to grow, thrive, blossom, bend, climb, and adapt in all seasons of life. Flourish believes women are natural creators, cultivators, and connectors of authentic community, intimate friendships, fresh ideas and essential solutions. Flourish emboldens women to summon the valor needed to leap into the fray and battle for the people and causes that need a voice, a strategy, or a steadfast warrior.

Embrace your unique design, discover your unlimited influence, refresh your mindset, and step into your destiny with radiant confidence and truly flourish. Join the movement!


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IMPACT - Mansfield and Fort Worth

Impact exists to connect, empower, and inspire women to impact others by igniting their passion, increasing their leadership, and uncovering their gifts.

There are two DFW chapters: one meeting in Mansfield the first Friday evening of the month and one meeting in Fort Worth the second Tuesday of the month.  Find them on Facebook: Mansfield @ImpactWomen; Fort Worth -- Downtown. 



PLAID FOR WOMEN - International

Plaid for Women, Inc. is a platform where women of all races, religions, and political affiliations connect and share resources regarding the “Business of Life.” Utilizing blog, video, and audio formats, viewers discuss career & money, health & wellness, home & family, inspiration, and more.



The Office In Mansfield — Mansfield, TX

Your escape from a traditional business office, the distractions of home, or the challenging work environment of the local coffee shop. Coworkers is are a group of people who are working independently, who share values and interests in the synergy that can happen from working alongside each other. Coworking offers a solution to the problem of isolation that many freelancers and solopreneurs experience while working at home.



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