Michele mentors many. She has given guidance and direction. Every year people repeat, ‘How Michele knew I needed to do this, I will never know.’ Michele has been an organizer and a mentor for a network of people. Every time she has ever called me, I knew two things: 1) This is going to be uncomfortable for me. 2) I am going to grow from this.
— Scott, Scientist
Michele is a great listener. She is always ready to love, encourage, and give oh-so-wise advice when needed. Michele intentionally steps into our world and follows up. I’ve personally grown leaps and bounds with Michele right there, believing in me, believing I could do it.
— Brandi, Teacher
I don’t know how to begin to convey the impact Michele has had on my life. She has comforted me, encouraged me, counseled me, and walked with me through one of the most difficult times of my life. She gave me freedom to process, courage to face feelings, practical tools, fresh perspective and unconditional love and acceptance.
— Tracy, Artist
Michele is authentic, humble, relatable. She leads and teaches from beside. She is strong and kind. Many times she helped me shift my focus where it needed to be.
— Ashley, Attorney