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Navigating Life Transitions
Just Got Easier

Personalized Coaching to Help you Thrive
in Your Personal and Professional Transitions


Are you feeling stuck in your personal or professional life? Overwhelmed by the choices you need to make?  

You're not alone! Transitions can be challenging, but they also offer an opportunity for growth and transformation. 

Meet Michele, your guide at LIFE by Design. With decades of experience Michele empowers you to navigate your transitions with confidence. She doesn't have all the answers, but she'll help you uncover your own. 

More about Michele

Inner peace breeds clearer thinking

The Process.

1. Schedule a consultation today

2. Choose the coaching package right for you

3. Embark on your journey to live your best life!


"Michele helped me realize my past beliefs were standing in the way of my own progress."


Happiness is living a fulfilled life

Three Proven Programs



For those pursuing excellence

You want more! You want to take action. You want to live on purpose. You want to be even more successful. Personal development is a lifelong process. Take time to assess your skills and qualities. Consider what you desire and set aim on your goals. Create a growth plan that takes you where you want to go.  Be intentional about where to invest your time and talent.  Gain more momentum and release undo stress by focusing on what gets you the results you want.


For masterful transitions

You feel uncertain about this new chapter, even though it is a welcome shift. Or maybe, you feel stuck in the middle of a transition you did not see coming. Take advantage of this opportunity to create an intentional plan for your future. Identify untapped potential and passion; carry your story, personality and style into a new phase; develop a strategy to forge a new path. See yourself with fresh eyes and put your uniqueness, experience, strengths and even challenges into a plan that works for you.


For leaders going further

You want to become an even more effective leader than you already are.  You want to go from being a good leader to being a great leader.  Learn how to communicate differently. Commit yourself to people development. Few leaders have a plan for bringing measurable change in the lives of their teammates.  You have the opportunity to master a skill that can impact how your team lives. Build an environment of teamwork by learning what motivates yourself and your team. Lead intentionally, turn obstacles into opportunities, navigate conflict, and inspire new innovation.

69% of people feel stuck, can I get where I want to go?



Moving forward isn't easy, do I have what it takes?


Do you feel like you were put here to do more with your life?


Guest Speaking Opportunities

Conversations that change people.


Topics that resonate with your audience

Michele has rich experience speaking to groups big or small, delivering valuable insights about specific topics of interest for all of us.


The Power of Dialogue

A unique, engaging workshop that uncovers how to communicate best when it matters most by giving you the tools to handle life’s most difficult and important conversations. 

  • Transform emotional moments into powerful dialog

  • Make is safe to talk about anything

  • Prepare for hazardous situations with proven methods


Making a Team Work

A fast-pace, interactive workshop that explores how teams can work together more effectively by understanding how to build trust, engage in constructive conflict, commit to a decision and accept accountability.

  • Discover what makes teams work effectively

  • Uncover what is holding your team back

  • Explore practical, definitive ideas for building successful teams


Transitions Never Change

A high-caliber, dynamic training session that unveils the phases of transition and what it takes to maneuver through each phase. 

  • Recognize the phases of transition

  • Understand the pace needed at each juncture

  • Find tools for each stage


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