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Soul Connection

Last night a couple of my friends were sharing their struggles with each other. One is further along in her healing and she said, “The thing that helped me the most was connecting with my soul.”

There is so much excitement about re-connecting on a face to face level after a year and a half of isolation due to the Global Pandemic. We are literally buzzing about making up for lost time, connecting with all the humans. This idea of connecting with our souls feels a little out of reach, almost like connecting with people did a year ago.

As I chew on this thought — connect with your soul — I wonder what keeps us from connecting. Is it our past? Staying stuck in the past isolates us from our soul — our very being, the thing at our core. Obviously, we can not change the past or get it back.

Mandy Hale says, “When the past calls, let it go to voicemail. It has nothing new to say.”

If you are on a mission to reconnect with your soul, the past is likely getting in your way. Here are some questions that can help you let go of the past:

  • Am I in the present moment? If not, how do I take my focus off the past and onto this moment?

If you are replaying yesterday’s awkward conversation, rehashing last year’s breakup, reworking how you should have . . ., then you are not in the present moment, you are stuck in the past.

  • How have my beliefs shifted over time? How grateful am I for that shift?

New experiences require us to shift our thinking and question everything we thought we knew. You have grown through your past experiences. You see the world differently today.

  • What else do I need to learn? Who do I need to assistance from in order to learn it?

If you keep ending up in the past, you may have unfinished business there. What else does it have to teach you? Life will continue to send you the same teacher in different forms until you’ve mastered the lesson.

  • How has my pasts served me? How can I appreciate and honor my past for the way it’s served me?

Your journey, has brought you to this place — molded and shaped you into who you are today. It’s served you well, developed strength and courage in you, shifted your thinking, reformed your perspective. Take a moment to appreciate the way it has served you.

In the middle of our fun frenzy to re-connect with friends, family, colleagues, neighbors and complete strangers, consider reconnecting with your soul by letting go of the past.


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