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You Need a Sweaty Mob

A 5K. It was a warm night, the park was over-crowded, when the gun went off many began to run, others walked briskly, at the back of the pack were momma’s pushing strollers. Sweat flowed freely and mingled often. The 3.1 miles wasn’t going to be a tremendous challenge for me because I walk 3 miles fairly regularly — alone. Why anyone needs to gather a mob for the occasion, is beyond my understanding. But I accepted the invitation because it was wrapped in a health challenge.

3.1 miles an hour is an average walking speed — 20 minutes a mile. Knowing I walk an 18 minute mile on average, my only goal was to do all three miles at the same pace. Walking 4 mph is an extremely brisk walk, which would be a 15 minute mile. At the end of the 5K and as a result of the mob, my pace was 16 minutes per mile. The light went on! I had my “aha” moment. This is why you get in the middle of a mob and exchange sweat, even though it sounds unpleasant. We gather people around us to push us, set the pace for us, cheer us to something beyond what we were expecting of ourselves. I walked faster than I typically do and faster than I planned or hoped for because of the people around me.

Where in life are you walking alone? What would it look like to put people around you who are pushing the limits, challenging the current pace, expecting more? A coach can do this for you in business, relationships, personal growth, and just about anywhere you want to set a goal.


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