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The Remedy:Change your Thoughts

He’s miserable — hates himself and his life. It’s heartbreaking to watch. He doesn’t realize his behavior, habits, and even his mood are a reflection of his thought patterns.

Wait! If that’s true, then each of us is fully responsible for the life we live — misery or contentment.

When we’re mad at someone’s behavior, isn’t our anger their fault? When we’ve been mistreated isn’t our bitterness the transgressors problem? When we’ve been offended by her words isn’t that her responsibility? Accepting anger, bitterness, and hurt can be shifted by thought patterns is a huge step toward taking responsibility for our own lives. If we're not in charge of our lives, who is?

When we take charge of our behavior, habits, mood, and thought life, than we can be confident, content, and even successful. We all want that. Thought patterns and mindset change absolutely everything. I challenge you to test it this week. Change your thoughts and see if that changes your experience.

When we change our thinking, we change our actions. When our actions change so do our results.

It’s definitely simple but not easy. Our thoughts have incredible power over our lives. When we think, “I can’t”; “It’s too much”; “Life sucks” we guarantee our misery. Shifting our mindset to empowering thoughts opens up new capacity for strategic thinking and self-confidence.

Some of the benefits of shifting our mindsets:

  • We take action in spite of fear or doubt.

  • We don’t see obstacles, only opportunities.

  • We stay calm under pressure.

  • We are resilient in difficult circumstances.

Our collection of thoughts, assumptions and beliefs are creating our life success (or lack). If we are not enjoying our life, change our mindset.

If you need some extra support developing a mindset that gives you the life you want, lets talk about it. Email me at

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