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Hurry, Hurry, Hurry Get More Points

The big lie: You have to have more points.

This is the message we are always hearing, you need more — more money, more help, more time. When we perform well in school we get good grades, when we perform well on the job we get a good performance review. We live on a point system that calculates what we deserve. We either win or lose.

I do not like to lose, which causes me to work hard at winning. The constant running on the hamster wheel — update our software, put on our wrinkle cream, trim our fat, climb the corporate ladder, increase the kid’s vocabulary, get the latest style — is exhausting.

Here is a wonderful secret: You don’t need more points.

The point system causes us to feel disqualified, incapable, unfit. The point system is good for, even used for, keeping us unknown, undervalued, and pushing for more. What we really need, absolutely cannot live without is Grace — grace for ourselves, grace for those around us, grace for those far from us and grace from God.

Grace operates on a totally different rhythm than our world. It’s a quieter rhythm. It requires stepping out of the traffic for a moment. It’s a rhythm of watchful awareness with space to ruminate, chew on things rather than constant motion. It’s a place that’s unforced — no pushing, pulling, dragging, struggling, slaving away. It’s free and light, this place of Grace.

What keeps you operating on a point system? What step do you need to take to get grounded in Grace?


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